Step by step example installing and using Vue I18n in your Vue applications.

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This article will explore the best practice of creating multi-language for your Vue App. This article is based on and inspired by Vue-I18n official docs, my work experience, and the Internet documentations.

For the rest of the article, let us assume that we are building a simple Vue app with…

How to keep your Vuex architecture clean and maintainable by example.

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This article explores tips and tricks on how to create clean architecture for Vuex. This architecture inspired by Vuex official documentation, my mentors and some other reference from my experience and the Internet.

Based on Vuex official documentation, Vuex is a state management pattern + library for Vue.js applications. It…

Learn how to create a non-blocking process using Callback and Promise by example

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JavaScript is a synchronous programming language. This means that it will execute your code block by order from top to bottom. But thanks to the JavaScript Event loop, we are able to do non-blocking processes by using a callback function and a promise function.

Here are some examples.

Callback Function

// Example…

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